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                  Torah and Haftarah Readings MP3's


       Wouldn't it be great to Read the Torah with cantillation and                chant a Haftarah with accuracy and style this New Year                    and for many years to come!

       Now you can subscribe to the CHADISH Torah and Haftarah            Downloads at half the regular price and own a complete library          of the weekly Torah and Haftarah portions all as email                      attachments ready for your computer or iPod!

       Each email contains the entire Torah Reading with cantillation            along with its corresponding Haftarah and blessings. Subscribe        now at only $9.00 per Parshah and you will be thrilled with the          results!

       Be sure to specify your choice of Tapes, CD's or MP3's same          day Download to your computer.

Order today for yourself, a friend, or the Shul / School Library. And  mention code #10185778 to take advantage of this special   offer.

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