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          It has been said that if people knew the true power
          and effectiveness of reciting Tehillim - the Psalms -
          they would never stop reciting them! We need the
          power of Tehillim today more than ever.

          Here's a wonderful way to get more Tehillim into
          your life and always have access to this Holy Book
          in times of need.

          Our set of Tehillim Audio's contains all 150 chapters
          sung in the original Hebrew with a traditional melody.
          Fill your spare moments with the beauty and power
          of Tehillim by ordering our special this week.They're
          bound to become a treasured addition to your

     Order the set of 5 CD's or 10 audio cassettes with FREE SHIPPING.

Or, if you prefer an instant download to your computer, just reply "MP3" and we will email the Complete Tehillim to you.

Order today for yourself, a friend, or the Shul / School Library. And mention code #6275777 to take advantage of this special offer.

To order call 917-747-1110 or email


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