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Show me a sign, just one miracle, and I'll be a believer for life! Did you ever hear words to that effect from a friend in need of faith? 
Our Parshah contains the infamous episode of the Golden Calf. It seems that Moshe failed to return from the mountain at the expected time and some people felt the need to create a substitute for him. These men (not the women) donated their gold to build a calf of gold. How did these misguided souls come to waste their resources and more importantly, squander their faith? 

Indeed, wasn't this the generation that witnessed many open and spectacular miracles? The ten plagues, the splitting of the Sea, and the Manna from heaven are some that immediately come to mind. And yet, when put to the test, some folks failed miserably. 
Furthermore, one could understand a gradual deterioration in their faith. But how did these people decline so rapidly from the heights of miracles to the depths of a Golden Calf? 
In a single word, the answer is despair. When the people lost hope that Moshe would return, their faith evaporated, despite all they had recently experienced. That is why we must focus daily on how Hashem is always with us and acts in our best interest; of this we are sure. Thus, the absence of uncertainty brings us constant joy! 

Adar is the month for increased joy, so let's work on it for joy banishes despair. 
Remember, one day soon, Hashem will send us Moshiach to unite us all and bring the world the ultimate joy!

Kol Tov!  Our best to's all good. Shabbat Shalom, CM

Our Sages connect the passing of Aharon's sons with the concept of repentance on Yom Kippur. What do they share in common?


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