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"But the midwives feared Hashem"... Pharaoh tried to destroy the Jewish People through slavery, oppression and the killing of newborn males - but the Jewish midwives were loyal to Hashem. Sometimes it takes extraordinary courage and dedication to bring Jewish children into this world. Those who assist even at personal peril are divinely rewarded -"and He made them houses." [Shemot 1:20].

The reward for doing the will of Hashem is twofold. First, the midwives were blessed with additional opportunities to help deliver babies and they were also given a personal reward. The future dynasties of these great women was assured because they served Hashem with pure faith. When one does the will of Hashem, HE does yours! [Pirkei Avot 2:4].

Judaism differs from other ways of life in many ways. One striking difference is that we believe that a person can change their ways. Of course, nature and heredity, nurture and one's environment play major roles in personality development. There is, however, an additional element: the power of the Yetzer Hatov, the decision to do good, that can change everything.

We can make a conscious effort to overcome our heredity and environment and do Hashem's will, even when it requires sacrificing our own will. "Asey R'tzono Kirtzonecha, K'dei Sheya'aseh R'tzoncha Kirtzono." "Do the will of Hashem as if it were your own, and in return, Hashem will do your will as if it were His." [Pirkei Avot 2:4].

How does one achieve this seemingly impossible task? How does a person overcome the many obstacles in one's life, both internal and external? "...Asa Atzmo KIELU ..." [Shmot, Rashi 1:8], you have the power to make yourself act LIKE: anything; do Hashem's will, and do it with joy (B'simcha Oov'tuv Layvov [Devarim 28:47])'s your choice!

Kol Tov!  Our best to's all good. Shabbat Shalom, CM



Pharaoh used the killing of innocent children as part of his agenda in ancient Egypt. Are things much different today in our 21st century world?

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