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How to Lead the Synagogue Services-Nusach

Already know how to daven? Now YOU can lead the services on weekdays, Shabbat and Holidays with such confidence and style that you will be amazed how your natural talent comes through!
Each easy-to-follow Audio contains just the parts that the leader says aloud, and the accompanying book makes learning fast and effective. Order the book and add the Cassettes,CD's or Mp3's for the prayers you want to learn.

Each title is just $18.00.

104. How to Lead the Services Book


105. Weekday Shacharit

106. Weekday Minchah-Maariv

107. Kabbalat Shabbat

108. Pesukei D'Zimrah Shabbat

109. Shacharit-Musaf Shabbat

110. Shabbat Minchah

Special: All seven ($126.00Value)..........only $90.00

Also Available Audios at $18.00 ea.

129B. Rosh Chodesh Services/Torah Readings

110B. Maariv/Minchah for Shalosh Regalim

110C. Shacharit and Musaf for Shalosh Regalim

110D. Maariv/Pesukei D'zimrah for Rosh Hashanah

110E. Minchah for Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur

110GA. Shacharit  for Rosh Hashanah 

110GB. Shacharit  for Yom Kippur 

110GC. Kol Nidre and Maariv for Yom Kippur

110GE. Neilah for Yom Kippur

110H. Musaf for Rosh Hashanah/Kol Nidre and Musaf for

Yom Kippur ( 3 Audios) $54.00

110K. Complete Slichot for entire year

110T. Complete Tashlich

139. The Kinot for Tishah B'Av

143. How to Blow the Shofar/Perform the Kohain Service

144. How to Read the Complete Akdamut/Slichot Sampling
        (live in the Shul!)                        

145A. The Nusach for Geshem and Taal

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