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Let CHADISH comfort you and help you understand the meaning of life's changes.Our How-To approach is just what you need and our Audios are the perfect gift for every family.

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141B. Jewish Relaxation and Meditation

141D. The Circumcision Ceremony

145C. The Meaning of Bar and Bat Mitzvah

123D. The Rebbetzin's Message to Your Daughter

145. How to Conduct the Jewish Wedding Ceremony/Shevah Brachot

123E. The Rebbetzin's Message to the Married Woman

141C. How to Save A Jewish Marriage

126C. The Jewish Prayers of Healing

145D. How to Conduct the Jewish Funeral

126B. Prayers at the Cemetery/The Jewish Unveiling

126D. How to Say the Kaddish and Yizkor

145B. How to put on Tefillin/How to Light Shabbat Candles

126A. Birkat Hamazon (Grace After Meals) and the Sh'ma Yisrael

126E. Blessings for All Occasions (foods, traveler's prayer and more)

126G. Tikun Chatzot (the midnight prayers)



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V508. Introduction To Talmud - You will be thrilled with Rabbi Yudin's masterful presentation as he demonstrates and simplifies the intricacies of this complex subject as never before. Experience today the personal satisfaction of learning the Talmud.

V510. The Many Moods of the Kotel - Come with us to Israel and visit the Western Wall by day and night and see what only insiders get to experience. Visit the Western Wall during its many magical moments!




Learn all about our wonderful heritage with this special series designed to provide you with practical information and inspiring listening.

 Your choice of Cassettes,CDs or Emailed Mp3s - only $18 each or any 3 titles $36

118. CULTURE SHOCK- Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions in Judaism. Topics include: The Holocaust, Jewish Rituals, The Woman's Role in Jewish Life and How the Major Religions differ!

119. INTERMARRIAGE - Do you know someone who is considering marriage out of the faith? What is Judaism's message to the young adult?

120. OUR RIGHT TO ISRAEL- Can you respond to those who question Jewish sovereignty over Israel? How can we assure the survival of our Jewish Homeland?

121. EVOLUTION VS. CREATION- Do you know Darwin's theory? The Torah offers a fascinating alternative that will make you think!

122. HOW TO BE A JEW- Do you want to express your Jewishness but don't know where or how to begin? Learn the essential Jewish living skills to help you on your way.

123. ANTI-SEMITISM - Have you ever wondered why we Jews, suffer from this ugly phenomenon? Hear how it began, and how we can change it!

123B. THE TORAHS PROOF - Are you looking for evidence that our Torah is authentic and as meaningful today to you and your family? Here are the answers and how they affect you!

123C. MISSIONARIES - The answers you need to respond effectively and to appreciate the beauty and truth of Judaism. Give this audio to someone you care about.


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